About us


Filippo Uecher’s collection of fabrics is an ode to Nature, which Filippo learned to love since he was a child in the breathtaking Italian Alps.

Born in a family of weavers and craftsmen, he learned and mastered the secrets of traditional Italian craftsmanship with his passionate grandmothers and father.

His passion for traveling and a life-long expertise not only as a designer but as a master weaver enrich his artistic output with sophisticated textures, impeccable designs and timeless elegance.

In his family’s owned and operated weaving mill in Biella, Italy, his team of passionate artisans and craftsmen takes meticulous care of every step of the process from sourcing exclusive selections of natural yarns to weaving, from design to dyeing and finishing. 

This is Filippo Uecher’s way to deliver nothing but Italian Excellence every day.

I come from one of the most breath-taking places in the world: the Italian Alps. My hometown Biella is a picturesque foothill town with a reputation for its remarkable wool and textile traditions, yet we have never really been breeders. Our ancestors had no wool, no herds, no farms. Life on the Alps was harsh, yet as they say “necessity is the mother of invention”.

Biella was blessed with a precious gift: the softest waters in Europe. When our ancestors realized that the low mineral waters streaming through our valleys allowed them to craft incomparably soft fabrics, dozens of families rolled up their sleeves and armed themselves with looms. In less than a century, they transformed Biella into a thriving land of weavers proudly devoted to Italian craftsmanship and Excellence.

The Filippo Uecher’s collection is woven into my own life. When I design my fabrics I draw inspiration from my travels and experiences, my relationships and my heritage. I love seeing my ideas and emotions turning into reality on the loom. It feels like watching a dream come true, every time.