Aroldo Home


Heritage weaves past, present and future together in the name of trust and love. It’s not just about recollecting and honoring the past, it is really about shaping a legacy that will inspire future generations”.

Aroldo Home features a new range of textile wallcoverings, upholstery fabrics and double-wide sheers all manufactured with the finest Italian craftsmanship in Filippo Uecher’s weaving mills in Italy from sustainably-sourced noble fibers as European Linen, Wool and Silk.

All items were meticulously designed to coordinate with one another in a spectacular array of textures, earthy colorways and materials that will provide designers with a unique source to set the atmosphere for a whole project.

This is the Italian Excellence we want future generations to inherit: authentic, natural, sustainable

Cafasse Cafasse Camino Camino Cardigan Cardigan Ecco Ecco Gala Gala Legno Legno Raviolo Raviolo
Arturo Arturo Assia Assia Briscola Briscola Bunet Bunet Camerota Camerota Delica Delica Diano Diano Jazz Jazz Maria Maria Osteria Osteria
Osvaldo Osvaldo Telaio Telaio Tota Tota Vivaio Vivaio