Heritage weaves past, present and future together in the name of trust and love. That is why when I envision a new design or I stand by the looms, I know that I am never alone. My father is there with me.

My first collection of textile wallcoverings Aroldo is dedicated to my father, Arnaldo Uecher. A specialist in textile wallcoverings, he was always putting his knowledge of Italian craftsmanship at the service of new ideas. Yet, in my eyes, he was always my dad. Taking me blueberry-picking in summer and hiking in Valmosca, teaching me how to grow vegetables in our garden and preparing his famous Sancarlin cheese spread during holidays. Always with a kind smile. Aroldo is for him.

Aroldo is manufactured in my family’s mill in Italy into exclusive selections of European Linen, Wool and Silk yarns. Its rich textures range from sophisticated shantungs to soft bouclès, each complemented by a natural set of colorways. Backed by non-woven fabric for optimal installation.

Bürsch Bürsch Cella Cella Coscritto Coscritto Giardino Giardino Itis Itis Lessona Lessona
Minusié Minusié Mirtillo Mirtillo Occhieppo Occhieppo Ricetto Ricetto San-carlin San-carlin Valle Valle