Bernini II


Filippo Uecher’s Bernini II collection elevates weaving to the realm of art, reimagining classic elegance to craft a contemporary yet timeless concept of effortless grace.
Bernini II innovates a selection of Filippo Uecher’s all-times must-haves encapsulating Nature’s effortless grace in five timeless patterns, complemented by an earthy palette ranging from delicate Sand to rich Terracotta tones and a soft organic hand.
Bernini II’s innovative take is rooted in Filippo Uecher’s devotion to the standards of traditional Italian craftsmanship and a secular expertise with European Linen. 
The collection is designed, yarn-dyed and manufactured in Filippo Uecher’s weaving mills in the Italian Alps. All textiles are woven into carefully selected and completely traceable European Linen yarns, the most sustainable fiber in the world. Filippo Uecher’s European Linen is sourced from Linificio Canapificio Nazionale, a cornerstone of Italian Excellence since 1873.
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